Date: 07/06/09

Transfer UMD to PSP Go

Update: After writing this rather speculative article, we now have more information on this UMD transfer solution, as confirmed by Sony

Transfer UMD to PSP GoSony dropped a bombshell when they annouced the PSP Go, they stated that the new device would not have a UMD drive. This was a concern for owners of the older PSP models that were thinking of upgrading, as they wouldn't be able to play their old games on the new PSP Go. Clearly a solution was needed if Sony hoped to sell the PSP Go to their current userbase of PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 owners.

For PSP 3000 owners the PSP Go would not be much of an upgrade unless they wanted the smaller more portable device.

PSP Go good will program

Although there is no news on a technical solution for this problem, SCEA director of hardware marketing, John Koller has spoken about a 'Good will program' aimed at owners of the old devices. We're assuming this means they will make your existing games available for download for free.

Verifying ownership

Sony have two options in verifying that you own the games, they can either do this electronically across the Internet or they could ask you to send them the UMD games by post.

The first option would be the cheapest, but just how they will ensure that you own all of the games you claim to own, we don't know. We'd imagine it would be some sort of Internet based app that runs on your PSP, that registers your games with the PSN. However, unless each game has a unique serial number we can't see how they're going to stop people just borrowing all of their friends games and registering them all online.

The mail in option would be easier for Sony if not more costly. They'd have to employ a bunch of people to check the games in, but still, if they sold all these used games onto GAME etc they'd more than pay for the extra staff. Of course, a reputable company like Sony would never do this ;-)

Watch this space for more information on this, as and when get it.