Date: 01/12/09

Rumors of PSP Go UMD drive

PSP Go to get UMD addon?

The latest news is that The Sony PSP Go could be getting an add on that allows you to play your old UMD disks. The whole idea of the PSP Go was to make it completely non reliant on discs and use downloadable content instead. This made the PSP Go even more portable. The problem with this is idea is that previous PSP owners would not be able to play any of their old UMD PSP games.

This may be good news for those PSP owners. There is a rumor that Logitech may have a solution in the works. Although Logitech UK have stated that they are not aware of this device, it may be something the US are working on.

We must stress that this is just a rumor, but there are some things that help support this rumor This UMD device was mentioned in the Tokyo game show, late september 2009 and it is said that the next version of the PSP, the PSP 4000 will support the PSP UMD format going forward.

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