Date: 27/10/09

PSP Go Price Cut?

Good news for UK buyers. Due to slow sales of the PSP Go, Sony have dropped the price of their new handheld game machine. The PSP Go was only released at the start of the month and already has had a big price drop of 11% in the UK and across europe. This reduces the PSP Go price in England the UK from £224.99 to the new price of £199.99. It also looks like this price drop has also happened in America as have also reduced the price of the PSP Go. Originally it was priced at $249.99 and is now selling for $234.99, which is a price drop of 6%.

PSP Go Price Cut

It is still priced higher than both the DSi and the Ipod touch which are the closest competitors but the iPod can hardly be considered a games machine and the DSi, well everybody knows that’s for girls!