Date: 06/06/09

PSP Go - Pixel Junk Monsters

Pixel junk monsters was originally seen on the PS3, but a new PSP specific version is being released for download only. This game will not be available to buy on UMD. The new version of Pixel junk monsters is going to have all the same levels as the original game plus the extras the from the pixel junk monsters expansion.

This fun game, pixel junk monsters involves defending your village against the enemies that come from the woods and try to attack it. In this real time strategy you build different types of defence towers to defend against oncoming waves of baddies. You have to bare in mind that each defence tower has different effects on the enemies depending on their weaknesses, which means you will have to think tactically about which towers you build.

This game will be available to download from the PlayStation network for both PSP Go owners and owners of the PSP 3000. To download the game all you will need is a wireless Internet connection and a PSN account.

Pixel Junk Monsters Video

Video courtesy of the Sony PlayStation blog