Date: 23/06/09

GTA Chinatown Wars coming to PSP

GTA Chinatown Wars Take-Two have announced that their Nintendo DS hit, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is going to be released on the Sony PSP and the PSP Go later this year.

Originally this game was exclusive to the DS and was a huge success. The PSP version of the game will include upscaled graphics, improved lighting and it will even contain extra missions.

Grand Theft Auto History

In the past we've seen plenty of GTA versions released on different consoles such as the Playstation and the Xbox. All of which have been massive hits and well rated by the critics. We have also seen two other GTA titles on the PSP and GTA Liberty City Stories was one of the biggest selling PSP games to date. We can't wait to see what this game is like on the more powerful PSP (versus DS/DSi). We think Chinatown Wars PSP is going to be a big hit.

GTA Chinatown Wars gameplay video

Just have a look at how good this game looks on the PSP Go!