Date: 21/09/09

PSP Go to get ESRB Ratings Guide

Parents thinking about buying a PSP Go for their kids may have picked up on an issue with this new handheld games machine. As all PSP Go games are download only, parents may not necessarily have full knowledge of which games their children are downloading.

Sony are fully aware of this issue and as well as providing parental controls with the PSP Go, Sony have partnered with ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) the independent content advisory board to provide a ratings guide for downloadable content. This application will come preinstalled on all PSP Go systems.

The problem with any type of parental controls or guide is the fact that most parents and are not even aware that these things exist and the ESRB application itself can easily be deleted.


There has been talk about adult video content being available for the PS3, which would include pornographic material. If Sony have plans to bring porn to the PSP, then more no than ever before Sony need to make their customers aware of these parental controls and how they can use them.