Date: 15/06/09

PSP Go Battery Life

PSP Go Battery LifeWe half expected the PSP Go battery life to be an improvement over the PSP 3000, as there are no moving parts in the PSP Go, thanks to Sony removing the UMD drive, but according to Adam from the official EU PlayStation blog, this isn't the case.

PSP Go battery to be embedded, no upgrades

The PSP Go battery, unlike the previous PSP models will be an embedded unit. This means that you cannot remove or upgrade the battery without dismantling the case, this also means that you cannot carry a replacement PSP Go battery for long journeys.

PSP Go battery life similar to PSP 3000

Sony are claiming similar battery life to that of the PSP 3000, so that's around 3 to 6 hours for games and 3 to 5 hours for video playback. It is clear that the power savings that were made by removing the UMD drive have been used to reduce the battery size, with a view to reducing the overall size and weight of the PSP Go console. The PSP Go battery is rated at 930 mAh (3.7v), which is a good deal less capacity than the PSP 3000 battery at 1200 mAh

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