Date: 16/06/09

PSP Go App Store

Article update: The PSP application store has now been confirmed. Sony have said that they have 50 development studios signed up already.

Latest news rumours that Sony are going to be releasing an App Store for the PSP Go. This is not official yet but is supposed to be announced at Gamescon in Germany this august.

The app store will allow publishers to create non-game applications and smaller games that wont be on the normal retail market. It will also allow them to create and offer free applications on the store aswell. The store is going to have a maximum size limit of only 100mb. Its said that the applications available are only going to cost between $2 - $6 .

PSP Go App Store

There is no news to whether this app store going to be available in the UK, and unlike Apple sony like to keep things regional rather than worldwide. We would imagine that if this app store did come to the UK the price of the applcations would translate to £2 - £6