Date: 02/02/10

Nintendo DSi preorder, worth doing?

Nintendo DSi XL preorder, worth doing?Looking at what happened in the past with the Nintendo DS and the Nintendo DS Lite, if you want to get your hands on Nintendo's latest handheld gaming machine on the release day it could be worth placing a preorder.

Both the DS and the DS Lite preorders were over subscribed on release day, meaning that if you didn't have a preorder in place before then, you would not have got your hands on the latest handheld until at least 2 to 3 weeks after launch.

The Nintendo DSi was different. Although the DSi did secure a good number of preorders from hardcore DS fans, there were no stock problems like there was previously with the DS and DS Lite. This is most probably due to the fact that the new DSi did not offer any major improvements over the old DS Lite.

Fast forward a year and this time Nintendo have a more substantial upgrade for us. The new DSi XL boast larger, more viewable screens and a larger form factor entirely. This along with the larger stylus makes the DSi XL very appealing to the older generation, or to anyone with impaired eyesight in fact. Younger gamers will also be attracted to the larger screens, that really do give some old games a new lease of life.

Nobody can really say if Nintendo will have stock problems with the DSi XL, but there seem to be a number of factors that would suggest that is going to be the case. If you really must have a DSi XL on release day, it would be best to preorder a DSi XL today.

The DSi XL is released in the UK on the 5th March 2010 and will retail for £149.99. To view more accurate prices and for a list of place accepting preorder you should take a look at this DSi XL price comparison site.

Will you need to preorder the DSi XL?


  • We saw stock shortage for both the DS and DS Lite. We could see the same for the DSi XL
  • The improved accessability will appeal to the older generation and we will see increased demand
  • The DSi XL is a major upgrade from the DS Lite and DSi, so should have more appeal across all age ranges


  • We saw no stock shortages for the DSi. May be the same story for the DSi XL
  • It's after Xmas now, so the demand may not be so high for any games console