Date: 13/07/09

Monster Hunter DLC

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the biggest game ever released in Japan and was recently released in the UK. To keep players interested, Capcom have decided to start releasing new downloadable content (DLC) each week. Every friday, new DLC will be available and it can easily be downloaded for free from the main menu, using your Wi-Fi connection.

Monster Hunter Download screen

Capcom have said that they will continue to release new material for the coming months. The DLC will include new quests, that will have players adventuring back into more locations, hunting monsters for extra rewards..

Previous Downloads

A previous download that has already been made available for monster hunter freedom unite is a quest called Triumvirate of Sands. This quest is set in the desert. A day time quest, it has a maximum completion time of 50 minutes. This quest has you fighting against a Daimyo Hermitaur, a Tigrex, and a Plesioth. The reward for completing this quest is 12300z.