Date: 08/06/09

Lilac PSP Go, Hannah Montana special edition

Update: The Lilac PSP is now available to buy in the UK

Sony have already announced a lilac PSP 3000 Hannah Montana special edition gaming pack and there are rumours that they will be releasing a lilac PSP Go Hannah Montana pack. We expect the PSP Go bundle will come without any physical media, such as UMD or memory sticks.

Lilac PSP pictures

The first picture is the lilac PSP 3000 pack which consists of a lilac PSP, a Hannah Montana game, a Hannah Montana UMD movie, a 2GB memory stick and a sticker pack to decorate your PSP.

Lilac PSP - Hannah Montana

The second picture is what we think a lilac PSP Go might look like. It's kind of cool, albeit in a girly way :-) , but may not look so call when an 8 year old girls has covered it in stickers.

Lilac PSP Go