Date: 20/07/09

Gran Turismo gameplay video on the PSP Go

Gran Turismo is being released on the Sony PSP format soon. Sony Spain allowed the guys from Faseextra (a Spanish blog) to test the PSP Go in Gamelab 2009 with Gran Turismo and Little Big Planet and they recorded a couple of gameplay videos. Here is the Gran Turismo gameplay video

Gran Turismo set to be a big hit on the PSP

According to Faseextra Gran Turismo PSP is far better than any other PSP game they've seen, with graphical detail levels comparable with the PS2 and smoothness like they've never seen before on a handheld. They did play this on a PSP Go however, on UMD this game, given the size of it may be a lot more jerky as sections of program take longer to load in.

I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this game! It looks and sounds absolutely stunning and given some of the previous lacklustre titles we've seen on the PSP, Gran Turismo is sure to be a massive hit. This is just the sort of game that Sony are putting their hopes on, to revive the PSP platform.