Date: 11/12/09

Go Go Hamsters Stock Checker

Go Go Hamsters Stock Checker Go Go Hamsters look set to become the best selling small toy of Xmas 2009. These furry little hamsters have really caught on with the British public and this has triggered a buying frenzy. At the time of writing this article there are no major stores with any stock at all and this includes all Go Go Hamsters accessories.

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Stock Checking Sites

To deal with the shortages a number of Go Go Hamsters stock checkers have sprung up online. These websites range from being useful to totally pointless. Take for example, this site is currently just a list of affiliate links with no real automated stock checking facility at all.

The better sites are still lacking when it comes to stock checking / tracking. Take for example, ex Wii hunters may find the layout familiar, as the stock checker has more than a passing resemblance with the wii-consoles stock checker, but the similarity ends there. This stock checker is currently listing 5 Hamsters in stock, but these are all in stock on the Amazon Marketplace at up to 3 times the RRP. This isn't a lot of use if you're searching for a Hamster for £9.99. These sites are also prone to errors. When they go down at peak times of day, people are missing the alerts.

Best Hamster Stock Checker on a Games Console Site?

Go Go Hamster stock checkerIt might seem strange that a site dedicated to games console stock tracking would put up a Go Go Hamsters Stock Checker, but that's exactly what they have done. The mature stock tracking technology behind wii-consoles and the rock solid server stability is a perfect platform on which to launch a Hamster Stock Checker.

As well as being stable, the stock checker boasts several features. Firstly you can filter out anything that is over the RRP, a useful feature when you see how much price inflation is going on. Secondly there is the option to silence alerts for products you are not interested in. For example if you are after Chunk and Tesco has had Mr Squiggles in stock all day, then you can simply click a link to ignore the previous stock alerts. Thirdly there are two alarm options, one loud and one not so loud. The loud klaxon type alarm will sound continuously until you stop it. For the office there is a more subtle popup alert box.