Date: 29/07/09

Download Only PSP Games

Fat Princess Fistfull of Cake was announced recently for release in late 2009. This game is going to be available for download only through the PSN (PlayStation Network). We've already seen one game that was download only on the PSN, that was Patapong and this game was available for the PSP 3000.

This means we are unsure whether it will be a PSP Go specific title as current PSP owners are able to access the PSN. Although it can be accessed by the PSP 1000, 2000 and 3000 we are unsure what sort of restrictions Sony could put in place if they want to make PSP Go specific games.

As the playstation network only works on a regional basis its unknown if this game will be coming to europe and if it is, how long it will be before it gets here. We've also no word on how much the game will cost. The cost could be dependant on the size of the game, so the cost of these games could vary.

Fat Princess download only